About Us


Our Toy Story

We have been collecting toys for most of our adult lives.  Tony's first purchase was a single Star Wars action figure which started an obsession to collect every one of the figures from the original series released.  Lorraine has always loved her Sindy dolls and started her collection by trying to recreate the house and furniture she had as a child.  

Once the collection outgrew our three bed house in Bristol we made the move to Lynton, a place we found on one of our many expeditions to find our new home.  Our beautiful new venue gives us the opportunity to fulfil our dream to open a Toy Museum where we can display our collection of both boxed and loose toys and games.  

Now we can share our passion with others and let them see and enjoy our expansive collection.

We are currently working hard to get the building ready to open in the Spring of 2019.  We will update this website and our facebook page with more information nearer the time.  You can also sign up via our contact page and we will send you updates.